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      Products And Software
      • Idealcg

        IdealCg is a broadcast solutionthat is used to easily create, display, control and preview a variety of different projects including Logo, Clock, Text, Image Sequences, Crawl and Roll.
      • Beyond Studio

        Beyond Studio support all video format,support SD、HD, CVBS、YUV、SDI、HDMI interface. It capture information from live signal, camera and recorder. Then clip, design it in software. It broadcast two differe...
      • Beyond Mini Recorder

        Beyond Mini Recorder select 10 bit, 8 bit no compression video. With high speed transmission, switching between SD and HD, it suitable for the server which restricted in height of capture card.
      • BY6000 SDI Video Card

        Beyond 6000 can process both HD and SD video, in SDI, composite, S-Video and component. It supports video input and output at the same time.SD/HD switchable as per request. SDI bypass upon power failure.
      • Beyond HDMI pro

        Beyond HDMI pro support HDMI and analog video interface. Work with HDMI、YUV、S-video、CVBS video source
      • IdealPlay HD Playout Automatio...

        IdealPlay is designed as an intuitive and powerful playout software for professional environment such as TV broadcasting stations (suitable for 24/7 playout for commercial or news insertion) or live shows, exhi...
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